Longarm Services

Longarm service in sutton maStitching Down the lane offers a quality longarm service in a smoke and pet free environment in Sutton Massachusetts.

Whether you are new to quilting, or simply short on time, we are here to help. We maintain a high level of quality on our quilting, giving you a unique custom finish. To inquire about our services or for an estimate please email us at quilter0915@yahoo.com


Quilting Charges

Simple Edge to Edge               $0.020 per square inch

Complex Edge to Edge          $0.025 per square inch

Borders                                        $20.00 per border side

Custom                                        quoted Individually

Label                                               $20.00

Peicing Back                                 $20.00

Iron as needed                             $10.00

Square fabric as needed.         $10.00

Binding quilt.                                   $0.50 per linear inch



no charge for first color

$8.00 charge for every color after first color.

Variegated thread is an additional $5.00 charge



We at Stitching Down the lane Recommend using warm and natural batting. At $.050  per square inch it helps insure a high quality and durable quilt. For more on warm and natural batting visit their website @ www.warmcompany.com


Pointers for quilt preparation

We at Stitching Down the Lane recommend

-Make sure top is square.

-Trim all loose threads

-Quilts should be free of any embellishments; beads, etc. should be done after the quilt is returned to you.

-Squared quilt back and batting g must b e at least 8 inches longer and wider than squared quilt top.

-All seams should be checked for any gaps or loose stitching and the necessary repairs made prior to dropping off the quilt.

-Please do not pin or baste any of the layers together.

-The top of the quilt and backing should b e marked accordingly if it matters to you which end goes up.

We are your longarm service in Sutton, MA.